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Welcome to the Online Dating Content Website, where our goal is to provide you with quality dating articles that you may republish for free on your Website.

What It Is
The Online Dating Content Website is a resource for dating site webmasters, which provides webmasters with free dating content every week.

How It Works

1) Read the Rules and Terms

2) Send an Email requesting permission to Republish our Content

3) Wait for your Permission Statement

4) If permission is granted, then start republishing the content on your Website!

More Information
For more information on the free program, visit our FAQ. For information about the Online Dating Content Website, visit our About Us page. For a list of great dating Webmaster resources, visit our Resources section.


Here are the rules in order to be able to use the content on this site:

1) Send an email with the URL of the site you want to use the content on.

2) You will receive a permission granted or denied email within 48 hours.

3) If you received a permission granted email, you may republish any of the material that appears in the Content section as long as the articles are not edited. Follow any rules in the bracketed statements (those that have [ ]) and delete the bracketed statements before publishing your article.

Websites that contain adult, violent, or unethical content may not republish articles. Read the full Rules for details.

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